A Stockholm rooftop bar (and park)

Sweden is slowly getting back to rhythm after the summer vacation, but we aren’t ready to declare summer dead just quite yet. We know we have a couple of long, dark months ahead of us so we just have to make the most out of the bit of sunlight we have left. So last week Amanda suggested we should go to Urban Deli’s rooftop bar on Sveavägen to catch up with some friends over drinks.

Man, it’s hard to put this place in a category. When you walk through the doors on the ground floor, you’ll find a café, restaurant, lounge, and a food hall. Oh yeah, there’s a fricken’ hotel too! But do you have to put a label on it? The answer is probably no, right? Let’s just say that it’s a great meeting place for every hour of the day, every day of the week. This is a where you bring your friends, colleagues, a hot date, your parents, or even your dentist if you have that kind of relationship.

The main reason we chose this fine establishment for this evening’s social event can be found on the 9th floor. Up there, Stockholm goes New York with a bar placed in the midst of a roof park inspired by the High Line in Manhattan (just with fabulous views of Stockholm’s rooftops instead of the Empire State Building iconic contribution to the world’s most famous skyline). If you have a dinner reservation in a few hours but need something to eat you can order smaller meals like salad bowls, meat trays, or other snacks, at the bar.

The main reason we chose this fine establishment for this evening’s social event can be found on the 9th floor.

It gets crowded when the weather is nice so the waiting line to the elevator gets quite long, so it’s a good idea to get there early. Sign up on the waiting list on their website about 15 minutes before you arrive, grab a drink in the bar and wait for your turn to go up. We were lucky enough to find a couple of seats—which NEVER happens—where we could sit and catch the last rays of the late summer sun and pretend that our vacation wasn’t over.

Three different locations

Urban Deli started at trendy Nytorget in Södermalm, a hipstery all-in-one-facility with the vision to contribute to a better, easier and happier food life. They later opened another branch in Hammarby Sjöstad and finally on Sveavägen 44—their third and biggest project to date.

Sveavägen 44, Stockholm
Mon–Tues 07:00–23:00
Wed–Sat 07:00–01:00
Sunday 07:00–23:00

Svenska: Om du tar dig till Sveavägen så hittar du en av Stockholms absolut bästa takbarer. På nionde våningen har Urban Deli skapat en oas inspirerad av High Line in New York.

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